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    BEE, Gantry Crane, single, double girder crane, bridge building equipment (moving mould frame),girder carrier (tyre type and rail type), steel tube arch, steel bridge, prestressed tensioning equipment, the design, manufacture, consultant, and lease of top equipments of tensioning platform seat .
      GPlease read “about HongDa” before choosing our products, also please read 《Director’s say》、《Truth about products’ price》they will be helpful.

    One: (A) Model Bridge Erection Equipment(BEE) is the most advanced equipment domestically and internationally, it is invented and developed by us and it created a record of completing fourteen pieces of 40mT girders within eight hours, which received the best compliment from our clients.

    Two: (A) Model BEE wnet to mass production in 2007, after almost sixty BEE have been sold and used between 2007 and 2008, they received high compliments from our clients. Our client Mr Xu from Province ShanXi stated: HongDa BEE saved great using cost, it can save five veichles for transportation from KaiFeng to ShanXi, it saved 36000 RMB for single trip;and it only require seven people for operation, in comparision with previous BEE Mr Xu used which required sixteen people, therefore HongDa BEE saved more than 100000 RMB salary for half year period;the best is 40 Model finish passing piers within 38 minutes, and finished eleven pieces of girder within eight hours, it is the best BEE Mr Xu have ever seen.

    Three: Our company is rewarded as one of the best fifty industrial company by KaiFeng municipal government, and KaiFeng Municipal Committee, and our company Director Mr Guo is rewarded as outstanding enterprise

    Four: 2008 is our ten year anniversary since our company founded, all our staff have done excellent and successfully completed our mission and task, and achieved sales revenue RMB 178000000. Our company highly honored our six great staff.

    Five: We won the bid for Algeria east and west highway and also won some other bids, we manufactured, delivered and installed sixteen sets of Gantry Crane and BEE, and received great complimnets from our clients.

    Six: We hire technician at after-sale department, GuoQuan, Zhang and other nine staff are senior technician and are hired by us, Mr Zhang is appointed as our company’s chief senior technician;Xixi, Su and other sixteen staff are hired as our technicians;Mr Hu and other six staff are hired as our technician assistants;and we also have some practical technicians.

    Seven: Now we have one moving frame BEE 30/900 for passenger transport line and it is for hire.

    Eight: We perennially lease highway BEE, and Gantry Crane.

    Nine: We perennially recruit staff for production management, structure <welding>, quality inspection, electrifield, solderer, locksmith, latheman, grinder.
    1. quality inspector: relevant experiences required about machine manufacture, steel structure engineer, electrical control, welding, machanism, and steel structure quality inspection. Candidates must at least college graduates, less than 45years old, highly skilled with computer drawing, candidate with good experiences or with intermediate or senior qualified will be employed regardless degree of study.

    2. production management: relevant machine manufacture or steel structure processing and production management experiences requrired, candidates also need to be familiar with computer drawing.

    3. welding engineer, and senior welding technician: relevant chest-type steel structure manufacturing experiences and also with large-size truss.

    4. Accountant: age above 30, must be least college graduates, good computer skills, responsible, reliable, and hard working. Candidates with great skills can be employed without previous conditions.

    5. Electricfield: welder, locksmith, latheman, miller, grinder: relevant experiences required, must be less than 50years old.

    6. Secretary: female wanted, must be least college graduates, financial major graduates preferred, must be less than 25 years old, must be flexible with multi-tasking, and sound computer skill required.

    Recruitment company: Kai Feng Hong Da Bridge Erection Equipment Company.
    Please provide your CV and Cover Letter to E-mail:hongdaqiaoji@163.com. Valid until end of year 2009.

    Tel: 13803780606

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